Tuesday, December 26, 2006

For Silvester, come to Hotel "Fortuna"

After celebratings of Christmas with your Family, it is soon the time to say Goodbye to the year 2006, and what is better Place to join with people than Hotel "Fortuna", where many comfortable rooms are offered to your choice. For Silvester Night is organised nice party for You. Live musics from popular ensembles and nutrition by top Chefs in our Restaurant. Come to joining us! Wish your resolutions live on broadcast radio with experienced Hitmaster Lelik! Also Lelik plays favourite music mix records for dancing. Tickets 30 Dinar.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas is Arriving to You

Yes it is, that time of the Year when it is time to remember our Familys and Friends. So, as representative of Republika Zaranska official, Kronika Republika Zaranska reminds all readers, citizens and everyone to be happy and friendly to all everyone, not just this time of the Year but all times, whatever is who. This is what it is we hold to our hearts in Our Beautiful Country, it is engulfed in the national consciousness. It is nice to smile, sometimes to laugh. Also it is okay to feel sad too. So, let's all tree together!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Journalists take Hollyday Again

Kronika Republika Zaranska asks you Sorry once again as it is National Hollyday, and all Journalists take hollyday once more. Until then, here is a picture of a tasty something to eat!

Lovely Chocolate Cake

We hope you are finding all informations about Our Beautiful Country to your Interest. Come and visit us soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Listen You Clearly" - with ZST-101 Magnetofon

Yes, listen you clearly to all your favourite musics wherever it may be You are going with new ELEKTROTEKNA ZST-101 portable magnetofon. Light and beautiful, it will not eat your Compact Cassettes, and will offer many hours reliable listening pleasure for You and your Friends when you have Pic-nic. Developed by scientists of acoustic research in laboratory of company "Elektrotekna".


Volume control - up to Ten
Tone control - Soft/Hard
Batterys - 4 x A
Colour - Green with Orange Buttons
Fast-wind (forward)

available in all technological/electronic shops in lance "electrotekna"

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

ZARAton presents!


Yes, now they are here the Hi-Fi Girls with debut Album of happy songs to make you dance and feel cool and modern. Mirjana and Zuzka put it in their all! By origins singing as part of the band normally accompanying Norbert Izlazovic, now they release their own musics written by themselves alone. They already did appear on children's TV-show "Show in the Playpit" with Marta Hajdabarasina (picture below) and answered questions of the Young listeners.

Marta Hajdabarasina and Parrot "Miki"

However their musics are not just for children they are for Adult alike, infact for everybody who is young at heart, and enjoys to feel happy. Which is what they actually will do, when they listen to the sound of "Hi-Fi Girls".

Available from next week Monday

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Your furnitures look too old?

In every bigger Town or City, visit the shops of company "Furnitex" for latest styles and design of domestic furnitures for your apartment, house. Tables, chairs, all comfortable and cozy.
Cheap prices, higher Quality. You will not disappoint if you choose products of company "Furnitex". Since 1955.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

ZARcom - Telefone Kiosk Public (KTP)

With Modernic System of Telefones You may calling your Friends or Ones you love faraway at home. Just pop into it your coin, compose the number and hooray!

Interntational Codes

Belarus: +375
Mikronezia: +691
Burundi: +257
Niger: +227
Chad: +235
Palesztinia: +970
Guatemala: +502
Paraguay: +595
Kongo: +242
Reunion: +262
Luxemburg: +352
Tadjikistan: +992
Mozambik: +258
Vatikan: +396

Friday, December 8, 2006

VI International Congress of Potato Farm Labourers


Hotel "Rubin", OLVA-SAS, Juli 24-26 2008

Speakers featuring


Agriculture minister, Germania


president of Farmer's Union, Armenia

minister of Alcholism, Russia

Following success of V Congress of Potato Farm Labourers, we bring to You new Congress. A Forum for all majors tuberial. You come with the Fly to International Aeroport Olva-Sas, then by Taxi to Hotel "Rubin". Interesting speaches will be elaborated by Interesting characters. After Vodka Party every evening, ideal for networking. Meet your business friends in nice environment of Congress Hall, Hotel "Rubin".


History of Potato

Tuber Husbandry
Your Workers - Are they Happy?
Increase your Yield




Thursday, December 7, 2006

Bi-cycle Fun!

Come for a Bi-cycle vacation-hollyday in Republika Zaranska! Reasoned by the extended network of Paths and By-ways, Our Beautiful Country is the ideal for trips by wheel-pair. Spick villages and span towns are waiting for your discovery. You can see many Animals in the campaign, exampled are mostly Rabbits, sometimes a fox surprise! Friendly to the environs, to travelling by the bi-cycle is also fit and healthy, aerobic. You would like longer trip? You can stay with friendly village people, or for more fastidious tourists the many hotels we offer to your Choice.

Remember, traffic has priority from the right, and traffic-lights must be adhered to. Don't drink and ride, please!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Lamp KH-402/b

Instructions for the use of Lamp for the Lighting Rooms and Other Small Places
KH-402/b (European Version)

Congratulations on your purchase of Lamp KH-402/b! (European Version) This Lamp has been manufactured with the greatest of Love and Care using the latest luminescent Technology, the 60-Watt Lightbulb. We hope that your purchase of Lamp KH-402/b will render You with many years of reliable, durable and faithful Service.


Lamp Unit KH-402/b (1)
Cable UF-3 (1)

Switch Unit ZX-1365 (1)
Plug LGMR 402/7d (1)

High Technology 60W Lightbulb (1)


1: Carefully unpack it Lamp KH-402/b and Switch Unit ZX-1365 from their protective packaging, using any Tools as necessary, such as Scissors or a Knife.

2: Notice how Lamp KH-402/b and Switch Unit ZX-1365 are to each other connected by means of a Cable, and that Cable extends in a direction away from the ZX-1365 ending in a 2-pin Plug. This Plug has been provided in order that you may connect your Lamp and Switch Unit to the mains supply in your Area.

3: Place Lamp KH-402/b in a Room or Other Small Place, said Room to be preferably in a state of Darkness. Then, take the 2-pin plug, and connect it to a mains supply outlet in the Room or Small Place. If the Room or Small Place is in such a state of Darkness as may require the use of a Torch or Candle in order to find the mains supply outlet point, then such a Device must be found.

4: Once the Lamp KH-402/b is connected to the mains supply outlet point by means of the Cable and 2-pin Plug, it is ready for use. Using any Finger on either Hand, depress Switch ZX-1365. The Lamp will now be in a State of Functionality; the area immediately surrounding the Lamp will now shine with all the Brightness associated with Daylight.

5: To return the Room or Other Small Place to Darkness, the operation is simply the

(Mixed Technological Device Manufacturing Company)
OŞ-1107 V.I Devorjan Boulevard 60
Tel: 478-246

Monday, December 4, 2006

City Elevator Fabrik - Instruction for Export Market




WEIGHT BEARING CAPACITY: 250kg or 4 human beings of average size-weight

OŞ-1103 Appletree St 71-73


1: The lift-cabin VN-4/6 may be called by the use of the „call” button which is to be found on the panel normally located on the left of the lift door, though may be found on the right instead. Once the „call” button has been depressed, the indicator light marked „engaged” will glow. If the lift-cabin is already in use by other passengers, the indicator light „engaged” will already be aglow, and the „call” button will be unable to be depressed. One must wait until the indicator light „engaged” is no longer in a state of brightness, then one may call the lift-cabin by the use of the button „call”

2: Once the button „call” has been depressed and the „engaged” light is therefore aglow, the lift-cabin will shortly appear behind the lift door, and the indicator light „engaged” will cease its shining. Then, depending on circumstance or the burden of carrier bags, suitcases, umbrellas or other such items, using either the left or right hand, open the outer door using the handle provided. Once the outer door is open, the light bulb provided for your comfort and safety within the lift cabin will begin to shine. Then the inner door is to be opened by sliding it in the direction of the right. Once both doors are open, step into the lift-cabin VN-4/6, closing the outer door behind you. (Note: before opening the outer door, verify that the lift-cabin really is behind it.)

3: Once yourself and all carrier bags, suitcases, umbrellas or other such items are safely ensconced within the confines of the lift-cabin, the inner door is to be closed, simply the reversal of the operation of opening.

4: Having decided to which floor you desire to travel, locate the button corresponding to the number of the floor chosen on the operation panel. The floor number buttons are to be found in a vertical situation on the operation panel. Having located the chosen floor number button, depress it. Within a few short moments, if the outer and inner doors have both been closed correctly, the lift-cabin VN-4/6 will begin to ascend or descend, depending on the floor number chosen. The ringing of a small bell as the cabin comes to a halt will mark the arrival at the floor chosen. Then, using the handles provided open the inner, then the outer door, and step out of the lift-cabin, making sure all carrier bags, suitcases, umbrellas or other such items have not been forgotten within its confines. After stepping out, shut the inner, then the outer door, making sure that the light provided for your comfort and safety has switched itself off.

5: Amongst the buttons situated on the operation panel, other than the floor number buttons two more buttons are to be found, namely the „STOP!” button, and the „ALARM-HELP!” button. The correct use and operation of these buttons will now be explained.

The „STOP!” button: The button marked „STOP!” is to be used in the event of the VN-4/6 having already begun its ascent or descent and a passenger or passengers therein realising they have pressed the incorrect floor number button. Instead of having to travel to the wrong floor and then back to the correct floor, simply depress the button marked „STOP!”. The cabin will come to a halt, and one may then press the floor button originally desired, cancelling the previous floor button choice. The cabin will then resume its ascent or descent. The VN-4/6 Mk II has, amongst its improvements over the VN-4/6 Mk I, the capacity to keep the light provided for your comfort and safety shining whilst the cabin is at a halt, if the button „STOP!” has been depressed, saving fumbling about in the dark for matches, flash lights or other such luminescent devices.

The „ALARM-HELP!” button: The button marked „ALARM-HELP!” is accompanied by the symbol of a small bell. In the extremely unlikely event of the VN-4/6 Mk II coming to a halt between floors without having pressed the button „STOP’”, then the button „ALARM-HELP!” is to be pressed. The depression of the button will sound an alarm, usually a bell although in some more modern buildings it may be a siren, signalling to those present in the building that an engineer is to be called to the location. There is no need to worry, panic or scream, even at night, as the alarm bell or siren is sufficiently loud to wake even the most slumberous, and the City Elevator Factory has engineers on call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Upon arrival of the engineer, calmly explain your predicament and he will effect the necessary repairs, professionally and efficiently.

6: If, during the travel of passengers within the VN-4/6 any abnormalities are noticed or observed (the lift-cabin travels at a greater or lesser speed that the one usually experienced; upon the opening of the inner door it is found that the lift-cabin has not stopped level with the outer door (+15cm –15cm); the light provided for your comfort and safety flickers or operates only intermittently; during operation creaking, squeaking, bumping, groaning, grating, rattling or other unpleasant noise is heard; the lift-cabin does not halt at the chosen floor but at another; upon depression of the button „call” the light „engaged” fails to glow; the inner or outer door does not open in the manner expected), then step out of the VN-4/6 and call the City Elevator Factory on 533-947 and, stating the location of the apparatus, ask for an engineer. If, due to the nature of the abnormality it not possible to exit the VN-4/6, then the button „ALARM-HELP!” must be pressed.


1: Minors under the age of 7 years must not operate the lift-cabin without the supervision of an adult. Minors over the age of 7 years may only operate the lift-cabin upon having read the Instructions and Conditions of Use accompanied by an adult, who makes sure the minor understands and accepts the Instructions and Conditions of Use.

2: Live animals are not to travel in the lift-cabin, domesticated or otherwise, with the exception of Guide Dogs for the Visually Impaired. If the corresponding conditions are met, then the following animals may travel in the lift-cabin:

Enclosed within a metal cage: 1 small Canary or Budgerigar
Enclosed within a strong transparent plastic bag: 1 Goldfish, or similar, won at a fair
Enclosed within a matchbox, securely closed: 1 non-poisonous Spider or Beetle

All other non-human creatures (Cattle, Poultry, Goats or Sheep, Cats, Dogs, Mice, Terrapins, Tortoises, Hamsters, Guinea-Pigs etc) must use conventional means of transport between floors, i.e. stairs.

3: Persons carrying infectious diseases are not to use the lift-cabin.

4: Further persons excluded from travel in the lift-cabin are those persons wearing smelly or soiled clothing; persons wishing to engage in horseplay; the intoxicated and those who through scandalous or inappropriate behaviour become a burden to other passengers in the lift-cabin.

5: The smoking of pipes, cigars, cigarillos or cigarettes is forbidden whilst travelling in the lift-cabin.
Roller-skating is forbidden whilst travelling in the lift-cabin.
The playing of musical instruments, the operation of transistor radios etc that may be heard by others travelling in the lift-cabin is forbidden.
Ice-cream, whether in a cone, bowl or other receptacle is not to be consumed whilst travelling in the lift-cabin

6: The „STOP” button is not to be used for purposes other than changing the desired floor of arrival.