Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come to Ski-ing!

Come to Ski-ing! In Ski-resort Hozik!

Reasoned by its situation in the mountainous part of Our Beautiful Country, the mountains are ideal for all types of Ski-ing, and happy tourists flock every winter to the slopes, and you can see them skidding here and there. One other favourite passtime is also very popular here, that is Toboggan. Infact, anytime when it snows, even just a little bit, citizens of Republika Zaranska will always find the time for toboggan-ing. It is a well-known Fact, that almost everybody knows hows to toboggan, and mostly it is learned in the Elementary School, almost as compulsory.

Ski-resort Hozik is situated at 1379 meters in the near of Pick Karabut. It is a fully modern Paradise with Hotels, Bars and Restaurant. Come to stay in Hotel Karabut, international centre of mountains tourism and rest was founded in 1975, and located in picturesque place - Hozik. Wonderful landscapes, cool canyon with rapid and cold Zarand River, travels and picnics in the mountains - walks, horseback trips and excursion by car. All that wonderful pleasures are accessible here, around the Hotel. Have a restaurant also.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Journalists take Hollyday

Today was day of hollyday for writer's unions in Republika Zaranska. So here is a picture of a sweet catkin.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ZARAton presents...

Who could not resist it, the call of the song-bird Aliana Samarslina? Singing since she was little girl in the village she was discovered, by agents of ZARAton. She studied inn the Academy, after that she won the prize of "Benjamin Eledek" (young master of Folk Music). Her house was really a shrine to the traditional ways of Our Beautiful Country, and to step inside the cozy rooms was like to step inside to the history. Here she sings for You again folk melodys, mainly of the Plain area. Including are all-time favoured ones like "My Horse is Wet", "The Moon shines in my Hair", "Women of Skegnaca" and of course "Hey ho, it is the time for Mushroom-Picking".

Aliana Samarslina was a living legend even when she was still alive. Unfortunately her career of singing was cut short suddenly, it was a terrible haymaking accident. The never is less, her voice will always be here for you with this long-playing record, thankyou to the agents of ZARAton.

Monday, November 27, 2006

ZARAton Presents ...

For your listening pleasure Joint-Stock Company "ZARAton" presents famous singing hitmaster Norbert Izlazovič. Further to his previous success with recordings such as "Norbert Izlazovič sings Songs of the Wandering Shepherd", "Norbert Izlalovič sings Melodies of the Bushman", and "Super Cat 1981", now he turns his capable Voice to singing the songs of American poor people from the southern Cotton Fields, who suffered so to make these timeless chants, the Blues. Songs are including "Freight Train", "Deep River Blues", and "Police Dog Blues". Recorded in hi-fidelity Stereo.

Norbert will help you to do the most unpredicted things of your life and achieve your greatest victories. This is the music of your heart, melody of your soul.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Radio Televizija Republika Zaranska!

Dear Users of our Programms!

"RTRZ1" is a state non-commercial TV channel broadcasting abroad providing all-round and true information about Republika Zaranska. An integral part of national history and culture, the Republika Zaranska television and radio engulfed the typical features of the nation such as openness, sincerity and friendliness.

Our philosophy:
Family means a constant intimate circle of people you love, a shelter from the growing pains of life. Family is where you turn for support and understanding in a sticky spot, and share the happiest and most joyous moments of life. Our goal is to become your best friend and companion. Your trust is what we cherish above all. We strive to bring trouble-free, friendly and home-like atmosphere into your families

Our audience:
Hopefully, our audience will be all sorts of folks with traditional human values shared for centuries-happiness, love, respect for each other, lenience and toleration, dignity and pride for one’s homeland.

RTRZ1 is looking forward to being watched by you!

Friday, November 24, 2006

For your Kitchen and Dining...

Company "Zarplastika" operates since 1964 in Zona Industrija Marsel Beber.
It makes cups and plates in pleasant design, contemporary and classic.
It is your decision, when serving to Your Guest
to use products "Zarplastika"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Elegant! High-Fashionable for Woman!

Factory of Clothes for Woman "Elegant"
offers to your Choice new designings of coats and mantels for the Winter season. Available in popular colours (red, yellow, green, and so on...) they can be bought for an acceptable price, able to be afforded by everyone. Stay dry when rain pours down yet remain fashionable too!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Good Welcome to You in Hotel "Rubin"

Good Welcome to You in Hotel "Rubin"
Where many comfortable and cozy rooms are offered to Your choice. Nutrition three times a day with traditional food in restaurant "Panorama". All rooms with TV. Are you Businessman? Sauna and Jacuzzi on the top floor. Reasoned by its situation in the centre of the city, Hotel "Rubin" is the ideal for your visit whether for business, pleasure or fun! Stay with Us!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Come on a Virtual Tour of Our Beautiful Country! (part 1)

Actual as never sounds the words of Prjevalski N.M: "and the life is also beautiful because one can travel" . Actual as never because now we invite you for a virtual tour of Our Beautiful Country, Republika Zaranska. For this tour you don't need to buy a ticket, just log on to, and relax! Are you ready for your virtual tour? Then fasten your seat-belt...5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - let's go!

Tourists visit Zang Village, Republika Zaranska

Climate: Republika Zaranska is situated in the area of sufficient moistening. The area climate is continental, with oceanic influences. The annual average temperature is of +8 degree centigrade. The average temperature in January is of -5 degree centigrade. A medium of 31 days per year is about 3l degree centigrade and higher. The yearly average rainfalls differs between 700 and 1200 l/cubic meters. The hydrographic network is of 180 square kilometers.
There is a negative ionization. Although the climate is generally mild (due also to the fact that there are no strong winds) the differences in highs determine climate diversity; thus, the northern and eastern slopes of the Mountains are covered with snow from November till April.

Geography: The largest pant of the Republika Zaranska is geographically comprised into the Big Depression located on the Southwestern part of the Western Mountains on the river Zarand. The region is crossed by the European Road system and by railroad.
Relief conformation: The Big Depression emerged during the superior tertian after the crystal bottom of the earth had crushed. Mountains closely surround it. In the Northeast there are the Duhor Mountains with the well-known place of the annual Maiden Fair; in depths, on the horizon is the crested of the Metallic Mountains with the extinguished volcanoes ; in the East there are the Zarand Mountains with the reservation (protected animals and plants) situated on the Zarand River and in the West there are the Fisrus Nena Mountains having a natural soda maker like spring, place for an important holly celebration.
Therefore a relative small area comprises a large diversity of reliet forms (high planes, hills, valleys and small or medium level mountains) and also a great difference between the level of the earth-beginning with Pick Karabut of 1849 m and ending with Zang Village of 250 m). A percentage of 52% of the whole Depression comprises woods oriented towards South.

Hanky Panky Baby Shop

For your all tiny Tots best-favoured super-Heros wait with open arm: Spider-Man, Super-Man, Barby-Baba and Harri Potter in the toy-empire "Henki Penki Baby Shop"! For boys: model trucks and Jeeps, for girls: dollys, for babys plush animals and Teddy-bears. Remember: the Children are our future, and the investing of Affection and Love is the best investing we could give! "Henki Penki Baby Shop", behind the Postal Office. Telefon number 09/ 634-220.

Mr. Panda Bear says: "I love Henki Penki!" Say hello him!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Marketing! Company "ZATimpex"

Company ZATimpex Transilvania is expecting your business. You would like to ask your question right now and get answer immediately?

We are ready to help you.

Please use our 24-hours a day info line.

You can contact our service team and get reply now

Auto News!

MIROVICA: Latest new showing the new product of our factory of automobile devices shows the new ZAF 100. After years of success of ZAF 90, scientists and technicians have modernised a complet new motorcar for the citizens of our country and for export, the ZAF 100. Modern design and style mean the best for the driving man and his wife and family. It has seating for
four adult people, and space for all their luggages. It can travelling at a maximum speed of 125 km/h, and only consumes 9 liter of essence per 100 km. All colours can be specfied, latest technology paints mean no rusting for many many years of happy service. Starting price are 4000 dinar, up to 5000 for model Deluxe. Soon will arrive also Sportcoupe version, for 6500 dinar. Available in Zarcar showrooms from April!

Friday, November 17, 2006

New Seat-House is building for Company “ZATimpex”! It will be ready 2007 Summer, it was planned by architect Valery Khohotkin. With space for many workers, it has fresh modern style of the latest design. There is a canteen with nice food for everyone, and even a pool for swimming. For at ZATimpex all workers are meant to be happy. The old building Seat-House for ZATimpex has depiction on the bottom here. This did not reflect the style of the times, having architect design of the socialist period, making workers feel unhappy. It was not cozy at all. ZATimpex has sold the building and with the money it made bought the land nearby for the Seat-House. What it will happen with the old one, nobody has exactly any fact about that.

So, good welcome to the new Seat-House, and hurray! Company “ZATimpex” wishes all its workers and customers a happy season of holidays and a very successful Sylvester!
Don’t forget, company “ZATimpex” is your Partener Worldwide!

Welcome to New Technology Information Site of Republika Zaranska!

Where you will find all Informations on Our Beautiful Country, its culture, people and the Life. Also on Orkestar Narodna Republika Zaranska (Mangalica) you will find interesting Facts, and latest products of company "ZATimpex". Travels of our most famous citizen Zaránd will be reported! And friends. Remember, if you eat the bread nibbled by mouse, you will learn it how to make the sandals!