Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Come to visit them, your Animal Friends at the Zoo!

Yes, come to visit it the Zoo! (official name: State Zoological Garten of Republika Zaranska)
Here You will find all famous Animals
naturally-found in Our Beautiful Country, inclusive Bear, Rabbit and the Fox! Search around with diligence, and you may be lucky to see even the Tortoise, he likes to hide in the flora! Other Animals can also be seen here too, some what are not naturally found in Our Beautiful Country, exampled by the Pangolin, Terrapin and Silk Monkey.

Director of Zoo Kerabina Trabalka ensures it that all Animals are happy and treated with the respect for Environment, and their habitat. Animals are our friends, but they can't say it with the words, but Kerabina understands almost like magic what is they want, and always provides. Of course, not to spoil them like little bad childrens!

For Your childrens, not Animals, there is provided a Junior Railway Train, which goes around and around the decompassation of the State Zoological Garten. It passes most places where the Animals are living, excepting Insects, who live in an inside house. The train cannot go there, but even if could, insects are so small you can't see them from the train moving, even so slow.

So, come your Family to visit it Our Zoological Garten! Nestling next to the Park of Amusement and Wholesome Recreation you will find it. Open all days excepting days of mourning and rememberance. From 8 of the morning until dark.

Remember it, the Animals are our Friends!

Expressions of Human need the Animals!

If you have Home-Animal, treat well please!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Guvernment goes for Finding-Fact mission

Rokus Water Tower, Szeged, Hungary

To all dear Readers of Kronika Republika Zaranska - the journalists and staff-members do send sincerest Apology to You, since the Guvernment of Our Beautiful Country has gone for Finding-Fact Mission to Hungary nothing news has come from departments of turistic propaganda or any other Companys. Upon returning of the mission service is sure to resume. Thankyou for your Understand and Patience.