Wednesday, February 14, 2007

GO! With the Auto-Stop!

Take to the freedom of the road in the friendly-to-environment way, the Auto-Stop! Just stick it out your thumb, and "hey presto" soon already some nice motorist will stop and ask it where you need to go to! This tradition origins from the time of the Wars, when not everyone could have car. Now more people have car, however due to care the Environment of Our Beautiful Country and the World, it is still popular as mode of travel.

Actual as never sounds the words of Prjevalski N.M; "and the life is beautiful becasuse one can travel" And how he would still agree today, special as scientist-ingenieurs make a claim on the Global Warming. Even if we like it, it is not always so good for everyone to drive alone in big cars, even ZAF100 Sportcoupe. So, if you don't need it, why not try it the Auto-Stop? You never know who you will meet!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Presso-Bar "Amfora" invites!

For only one night, special guests Uncle Sintetizator and "Dusha" will guarantee for You good Atmosphere and dancing to delight-filled ever-green melodies of your yore. "Her Eyes were Blue", "O Moon above", "Little Delicate Rose-Petal" are inclusive of some of the songs that will be sung by them. Uncle Sintetizator and "Dusha" are tireless romantics, and know just what it is that makes the heels click and the tap-tap. They come from the great tradition since 1983 of Synthesiser Uncles, so versatile with their latin rhythms and velvet voice of love. So, come! To Presso-Bar "Amfora" on 17 Februar at approximately 20.30 CET+1.