Sunday, March 13, 2016

Company "ZATimpex" Announcement

We from ZATimpex are delighted to announcing it the launch of our new Website as of yesterday, March 12th at 2245!

Come to visit us at 

 As well as being it the National Import-Export Company of Republika Zaranska we are also specialise in the importing Transylvanian Folk Art directly from them the creative Artisans of Transylvania.

As evidenced by being an International Company trading all over Europe, we are proudly "PRO European" and have therefore designed it the I LOVE EUROPE sticky just for You, so like us, you can proudly support Europe by putting it on your car, letterbox or wherever you want people to see it! Check it out at and order as many as you wish! We welcome you, our new future customers and thank you for your support!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Day of Woman

Today is International Day of Woman. Don't forget it to her, remember of the words of it the song of Mr James Braun - "it would be the nothing, without her the woman or her the girl"
This is a picture from the Olden Days when Our Beautiful Country was Communistic before 1989. Allthough it is the fact that many bad things were happened then, not all were so bad so we don't forget everything or throw it in the Trash-Can of the History. Like the International Day of Woman. Infact, in Our Beautiful Country every day is Day of Woman, our citizens always remember to take off their hats when opening the doors or getting into lift-cabins.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

National Archive Post-Card

National Archive

Here it is, the buildings of the National Archive. This is it the place where it is kept amongst all the Microfiche The History Book. Written by an Anonymous, namely a man who we don't know his name - it tells us much about certain periods of it, our History. Unfortunately the reason for this is reasoned by dark aspects when unkind dictators, kings and robber-barons ripped out those pages from it that were not conducive to their philosophy. However on it the other hand, events in description on these pages were always kept alive in it the Folk Tradition, songs, verbal Art etcetera. Sometimes even as recently as during the most recent time of Communism people were punished for singing or even playing them the melodys of these songs. The transcribes of these songs and melodys were dutifully collected by folk anthropologists and they are also held in it the National Archive.