Monday, April 9, 2007

In Sinema now! Everybody Favourite!


And Leopard-Woman!

Come to Sinema tonight to watching famous hero of Action Tarzan! See him fight with Animals of Jungle. Sinema is good fun for all Family and Friends, you can have food like you want also with carbonated drinks of many flavour. After why not have drinks in Bar-nightclub "Taste of Night"?

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Comfortable Easter Time for You and Your Family!

It is time again when for all your Little Ones, comes the Bunny of Easter on his magic tractor pulling all the eggs he will hide in your garden. Look! There it is the egg, under the wheel-barrow! Oh, and the other one! Where can it be hiding? I don't know! Do you?

Also for Adult, it is time for remembering your Family and Friends, everybody coming together for nice meal and Party. This is the tradition in Our Beautiful Country.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Book your Hollyday here in Republika Zaranska now!

Never it is too late to booking your Hollyday for Summertime 2007. Why not try Our Beautiful Country? Apart from forest and mountain, we also have big lakes of fresh water, where you can swim, take a boat, maybe even water-ski! Owing to the congenial climate, the summer temperature is comfortable yet not uncomfortable. Like the lovely girls on the Post-Card, you can take your radio or magnetofon, but don't disturb them the other makers of Hollyday, please! Campingsites available, turist tax now doesn't need to be paid so don't worry about it. If you like Apartman or Zimmer Frei, it is also for your disposition. We are looking forward You!

Here exampled is Paradais Turistik "Kaskad" in the area of the Lakes. Here You will find amenities to your Pleasure like Kemping and Apartman. Stroll in garden, barbecue at evening or row your boat. All is here for You at Paradais Turistik "Kaskad".