Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Be You Chic this Year!

Hot from the Press comes new "KATALOG" for the year of 2007. Be You also Chic in the springtime, with the costumes to be found in the 250 page (approximate) booklet. Not only springtime, but winter, summer and autumn too. Prices are reasonable and so is quality. Find it in all shops representing the productions of "KATALOG". "KATALOG" is referencing in magazines of fashion such as "Tanja" - "Woman of Today" - "City Girl" and has commendation from members of the theatrical and artistic fraternity.


Why not?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Television Programme for Little Ones

As already is known, Marta Hajdabarasina presents her show "Show in the Playpit" for children. Also with her parrot name is Miki. Here we show you preview from a car-toon about a little piggy. Recently bought from the National Television Service of Belgium, our up-writers have not yet written the words for Our Beautiful Language, and the words of Flem remained. Still the story self-explains easily. You will enjoy it!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Come to Live in New House!

Housing-Complexity "Meadow"

Yes, constructing has begin on phase no.2 of new housing area "Meadow". Comfortable apartments with all modern comforts are available at low price for new persons wishing to buy. One or Two bedrooms, room for living, kitchen and bathroom, include WC. Heating. You can park it your car outside under nice lamps, don't worry! In housing area "Meadow" will be all amenities built in the near, such as Cultural Centre, Shops and Restaurant/Bar. A playpit for the Children will also be constructed with Swing, hurly-burly and Roundybout, etcetera. Come to living here with your Family!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Folk Group Musician Band

Presenting to You Folk Ensemble "Biaseda" of Belarusian Minority of Republika Zaranska. Even though the Belarusian minority is tiny one, only 0.07 percents of the demography, the Guvernment supports them just as all other minorities with cultural help and understanding. On Television all minorities have half-hour program on RTRZ 2 in the mornings.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ministry of Internal Tourism


The Ministry of Internal Tourism exists to promoting the knowledge of Our Beautiful Country to citizens living here in Republika Zaranska. Although it is true, that all citizens know in their hearts the beauty of their environment it is our burden to remind not only of where to go but also how to behave, like don't dirty the fields and rivers. And also keeping one eye on the industry and fabriks, to make it sure they don't put their rubbish on the river too. The ministry produces propaganda to this effect, as exampled below:

Don't hesitate to call us! We are always ready to answer your call!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Scooting in Republika Zaranska!

Do you like it to scoot?
Well come to Our Beautiful Country where you can scoot to the delight of your Heart through spick villages and span country. Courteous drivers of motor cars always wave and smile, because in Republika Zaranska every driver knows to make way for road-Users who are more vulnerable. In the city enjoy the wide boulevards and twisty routes of the Old Town, free parking for your scooter will make it easy to visit the cozy cafes and meet your friends. Don't forget, don't drink and drive! Of course, this does not include coffee and tea! Service posts for popular marks are available even in small villages, so don't worry if you get a defect.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Come with the Fly! With Us!


We are very glad to invite You to the World of Travels. Using venerable and trusty aircraft Ilyushin Il-62m and Tupolev Tu-134 or Tu-154, Zaranska Aero Transports will take You to your destination quickly and smooth.

Inaugarated since 60 years ago, Zaranska Aero Transports (originally operating domestic service only until 1955) now has a good record without many accidents. Pretty hostesses of the air will tend to needs of yours with smile and geniality. Pilot with experience flys magic carpet ride. Central hub of operation Aeroport Olva-Şaş. Flying in Europe, major destinations. Also include Asia and Karibik.

Monday, January 1, 2007

We wish for You good Silvester!

Kronika Republika Zaranska wishes to all Readers and Friends the all best for the following year 2007. Prosperity, fortune smiles on You! Contribute your excellence for a New generation, and be happy to realize any of your dreams!